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Monarch Ads

Innovative trading solutions in todays marketplace, driving results through cutting edge technology.

Monarch Ads uses proprietary solutions in yield optimization utilizing machine learning to produce superior results for clients.


Programmatic buying utilizing cutting edge technology takes the human element of optimization and management out of the equation. It allows you to scale at will with confidence in both demand and supply side automation.


Monarch has built an extremely scalable and robust platform utilizing multiple modules for increased efficiency. It has easy to use open APIs with an intuitive easy to use UI.

Who We Are

Monarch works with advertisers to achieve a variety of KPI’s through audience targeting, custom-designed creatives, and strategic buys from a portfolio of exclusive publishers.

Monarch Ads is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. It was formed in 2015 with backing from Angel Investment. Led by veterans in the digital space, Monarch Ads has recruited experienced leaders of industry and commerce as their board representatives.

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