Monarch Ads is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. It was formed in 2015 with backing from angel investment. Led by veterans in the digital space, Monarch Ads has recruited experienced leaders of industry and commerce as their board representatives.

Monarch Ads Supply and Demand Ecosystem:

Monarch Ads boasts a prominent footprint in today’s marketplace. The Monarch UI allows for intuitive use, instantly accessing thousands of publishers across every vertical and media type. All inventories are vigorously screened through an in house QA team, Monarch’s own proprietary ad fraud detection, and through various third parties such as Forensiq, Pixalate and Comscore. This offers a secure market for buyers and sellers alike.

Monarch Advertising Solutions:

Monarch prides itself on creating customized solutions for independent advertisers, agencies, and national brands.  Monarch has achieved and maintained a high level of success across both desktop and mobile platforms and including but not limited to Native, Big Data, and Social Advertising.

Monarch works with advertisers to achieve a variety of KPI’s through audience targeting, custom-designed creatives, and strategic buys from a portfolio of exclusive publishers.

Board Members:

Luke Jacobellis, President, Paul Mitchell

Jeff West, CEO, One West Promotions