Building a Trading Desk?

Looking to build a trading desk? Instead of undergoing the costly route of building this technology in house, Monarch can offer a low cost solution. Monarch offers a customized solution with complete access to our ecosystem, offering brand safe, transparent, and scalable inventory all in real time. Accompanied by open API’s and an intuitive UI your digital initiatives will be bound by nothing.

Sophisticated Ad Serving surpassing all others in the industry: Through superior technology Monarch Ads ad serving has surpassed others through machine learning and complex algorithms contributing to prominent optimization and performance on the platform.

Creative Formats:

Monarch supports rich media and video formats. It supports VAST 3.0 and VPAID 2.0 standards. Expandable units are also supported within the platform. Monarch has created a viable marketplace for both desktop and mobile media placements.

Brand Safety:

Monarch continues to lead the industry in preventing ad fraud. In addition to employing it’s own in house QA team, it also boasts multiple preventative technologies such as it’s own proprietary technology, Forensiq, Pixalate and Comscore. These technologies allow monarch to closely monitor inventory and remove inventory that may endanger advertisers with invalid traffic.